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Covid-19 Relief Program

We imagine that everyone reading this is all too familiar with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States: schools closed, quarantines, many people out of work. You may wonder how the pandemic has affected Uganda. How has it affected UAOCF sponsored children?


Uganda responded rapidly to the pandemic. Public gatherings were suspended and schools were closed back in March. The day after schools closed, Uganda reported its first case of COVID-19. Now the virus is everywhere, even in some of the more rural areas where many of our children live.


The Oversight Committee is visiting each of our children, and plans to finish their visits before the end of the year. One thing they have found already is that dozens were in great need of food. With UAOCF’s support, they’ve already begun delivering staple foods and supplies to these children, including corn, beans, and soap.

With our donors’ financial support, we are making sure they all have the food and shelter they need, any medical care that might be necessary, and the best education any other child in Uganda would have access to. Because the schools are not expected to be operational again until early next year, UAOCF is not incurring the usual tuition costs. Without the support of boarding schools that we’ve always been able to rely on, we need our sponsors’ generosity more than ever to continue to make sure our children have food, shelter and other basic necessities.

Thank you for your continued support!

child sponsorship

Financial support will ensure that those orphans living in foster homes have an opportunity for better health, a good education and a chance for a brighter future. Donors to this program may specify their preference for the orphan’s gender and age range. Donors are encouraged to correspond with the child.

To adopt a child ($350 a year) or donate any amount, please send a check (payable to UAOCF) to: P.O. Box 64485, Los Angeles, CA 90064. You can also call 310-479-8396, or use PayPal or your credit card to donate.

You can also contribute to the sponsorship of a UAOCF child by donating to the General Fund.

school and parish events

Have your school sponsor a child, like St. Timothy School in West Los Angeles did when their teachers and staff adopted an orphan. This was a great opportunity for them to show their children how to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.


We know some children who have taken that to heart! Children at St. James School in Torrance; they held a bake sale to help support our orphans. Then there are the kids at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Oceanside, who sponsored a “Loving Tree” to raise money for UAOCF.

What amazing human beings they are! And their donations really matter.

Less Overhead, More Giving. 

Over 97% of donations go directly to caring for the children, so you know you are making a real difference.

Orphans’ Extraordinary Medical Care

General medical care such as vaccinations and treatment for malaria is provided by the Uganda Government. Orphans with special medical needs may require additional support from UAOCF.

Orphans’ Special Educational Fund

Depending on the school attended by the child, additional funding for tuition may be required. Also funds may be needed for advanced educational or vocational training.

contribute to our programs

Besides supporting the UAOCF sponsored children, the General Support Fund also provides for the administration of the UAOCF.

UAOCF is administered almost entirely by volunteers, which helps us keep a low overhead. Donations will also be used for promotional efforts for fundraising and dissemination of information.

"What our Donors say

“Thank you for the wonderful work you do. God knows how wonderful you are and I know how wonderful you are.”

volunteer opportunities

The skills and talents of our volunteers are the backbone that strengthens the infrastructure of our organization. Help us make a difference today.


For volunteer opportunities, please contact Angie Jacobs or Silvia Maron at or call us at: 310-479-8396

Pink Blossom

"What our Donors say

“What a wonderful thing you are doing to help the children.”

Step 1 - Assessment

Our Selection Committee continually works with local schools, parishes and communities to identify children most in need of assistance. We then identify appropriate schools, foster families, and programs that would help these children succeed. Once this is complete, these children are ready to be sponsored through our Adopt-A-Child program.

Step 2 - Sponsor Donation

Donors to our Adopt-An-Orphan program provide financial support to ensure that these AIDS-orphaned children have basic care, shelter, education and medical care in our four districts in Southwestern Uganda. In collaboration with community leaders in the area, we strive to provide an opportunity to achieve a productive and self-sustaining future to as many as possible of the estimated 24,000 children in this area who have been orphaned by the loss of one or both parents to AIDS. Charitable donations in any amount make this possible.

Step 3 - Education & Support

Our mission is to care for these underserved children by providing a quality education to give them the best opportunity for their success in becoming self-sustaining, contributing members of their communities. On-going operating support is needed for the care and education of these AIDS-orphaned children.

Depending on the school attended by the child, additional funding for tuition may be required. Also funds may be needed for advanced educational or vocational training.

Step 4 - Transition To Success

Our Transition Program offers career guidance to students in the fourth and sixth (final) year of secondary school, and to academically struggling students who might be better served in vocational or technical studies. The Kabale Transition Committee also provides assistance in placing graduates into productive and self-sustaining employment.

Via Mail

Uganda AIDS Orphan Children Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 64485
Los Angeles, CA 9006


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (310) 479-8396

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