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About Us

About Us

UAOCF is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to provide care to vulnerable and orphaned  in  Uganda.

Education is the key to success and at UAOCF we do everything we can to support children from primary school to vocational school & university. Our objective is to identify vulnerable children in Uganda and provide consistent assistance with their education, health care, and daily needs.


We work primarily in the underserved and rural population of the Kabale, Rukungiri, Kisoro and Kanungu districts. We ensure that compassionate, quality assistance is given to these Ugandan children, with a high standard of care and respect for their individual dignity and well-being throughout their childhood and educational career. We believe in consistent support and provide care for all of our children from the time they are enrolled in school until they graduate.

To learn more about our team, what we do, and how we reach our goals, keep reading below.

UAOCF's aim is to see all orphaned children given the support and education they need to succeed in life. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide assistance for the daily needs, health care, and education of AIDS-orphaned and vulnerable children in four districts of southwestern Uganda.


UAOCF is here to empower communities through increasing education in underserved communities throughout rural Uganda. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that strong support systems and quality education are the gateway to success. We work to see an increase in graduation rates, community development and empower children through education. 

Our Programs

Our Committees

Our Subcommittees in Uganda are comprised of members of our Oversight
Committee, as well as community leaders and alumni of our Transition
Program who are committed to giving back. Collectively, they bring their
unique experiences and expertise in a more focused way to implement
our programs.

“I was dancing in the dark, but you came to me as a spot of life.”

- Saviours A. Transition to Vocational School

Why We're Here

According to the latest census from Uganda, in our focus area of four districts in southwestern Uganda (Kabale, Kanungu, Kisoro and Rukungiri), nearly 9% of all children are orphans. This is a staggering statistic that translates today into 64,700 orphaned children in this area, of which an estimated 24,000 have been orphaned by AIDS.

Why We're Here

Meet Our Team

Our Team


UAOCF’s prestigious Uganda-based Oversight Committee includes some of the most influential community leaders of our target area of Southwestern Uganda. They are people of passion who share in our mission to educate and provide the emotional and financial support these vulnerable children so desperately need. The Oversight Committee is made up of educators, medical professionals, alumni of our program, and local community leaders, including the Bishop of Kabale Diocese and the former Mayor of Kabale. With the exception of the Program Administrator and his assistant, they are all volunteers who provide their expertise and set the priorities on how to most effectively use our resources, focusing on providing a quality education for our children.

Bishop Callistus Rubaramira, Chairperson of the Oversight Committee.

Msgr. Silverio Twinomugisha, Vice Chairperson of the Oversight Committee.

Mr. Isaac Masiko, Chairperson of the Supervisory Subcommittee.

Fr. Vincent Kanyonza is a Member of the Selection Subcommittee.

Mr. Faustino Twayaga, Member of Selection Committee.

Mr. Silverio Begambagye, Chairman of the Transition Committee.

Dr. Pius Ruhemurana, former Mayor of Kabale and Member of the Supervisory and Transition Committee.

Ms. Jacinta Tinzaarwa, Chairperson of the Intervention Committee.

Mr. Evarist Tumwekwase, UAOCF’s Program Administrator.

Sr. Fausta Twinomugisha, Assistant to Program Administrator.

Management Team with Fr. Fred.jpg


Rev. Frederick Byaruhanga, Executive Director and Chairman of UAOCF, grew up, was educated and ordained a priest in Uganda before coming to Los Angeles in 1993 for graduate studies at Loyola Marymount and UCLA.

Together, with an incredible group of friends and colleagues, Fr. Fred founded UAOCF in 2003 as a collaborative effort with community leaders in Kabale who would become UAOCF's Oversight Committee.

Fr. Fred heads a UAOCF Management Team in the Los Angeles area, which is made up of volunteers from different walks of life, including business, medicine, and nursing, teaching, and information technology. The LA based Management Team works closely with the Program Administrator and the Oversight Committee in Uganda.


Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors: Fr. Fred Byaruhanga

Assistant to Executive Director and Chair of the Management Team: Silvia Maron

Member of the Board/Advisor to Chair and Grants Manager:  Angeline Jacobs

Member of the Board/Secretary: Patricia Wallace

Member of the Board/Treasurer: Silvia Maron
Member of the Board/Child Line Editor: Sharon Hudson       
Member of the Board:  Jay DeMiranda

Member of the Board: Jeanne Goestenkors
Mail Coordinator and Contact Manager: Deanie Weddle      Event Managers:  Cassie Bull, Lucy Michel
Assistant to Event Managers: Denise Kerfoot
Adopt-An-Orphan Manager: Patricia Wallace
Transition Manager:  Christine Winicki
Communications Committee: Fr. Fred Byaruhanga, Angeline Jacobs, Silvia Maron, Jeanne Goestenkors, Evelyn Hatt, Rosemary Nani, Patricia Wallace (Chair)    


News From Kabale

Our education based approach provides hope and the means to decrease poverty on the individual and community level.

change a child's life


Sponsorship gives a child the tools to create the future of their dreams.

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